With the information gathered through the process of random external/internal audits, customers satisfaction surveys, and employee feedback, we are able to adapt to standards of high quality that exceed our customers’ expectations.

On time and damage free delivery is what we provide. Our trained, courteous, and knowledgeable team of drivers are prepared to quickly respond in the most efficient manner possible to service our customer’s needs.

Continuous fleet maintenance, mobility safety meetings and independent safety audits ensure our fleet and employees are prepared and equipped to provide safe service.

As a service provider it is our responsibility to acknowledge and rectify any problems that may occur.

Committment to Quality

Deluxe Auto Carriers’ commitment to quality is demonstrated by our continuous quality improvement and to the involvement of all personnel in a systematic, logical process to continually improve work practices and procedures. This commitment consists of a comprehensive set of initiatives:

  1. Commitment
  2. Planning
  3. Awareness
  4. Accountability
  5. Results
  6. Recognition

These initiatives provide a structure for addressing both quality problems and opportunities for quality improvement and are reinforced by monthly meetings that include management, office staff, and company drivers. We recognize the importance of individual employee and customer contributions toward quality improvement and encourage their participation.

Equipment Technology

The Boydstun Screw Actuator Headrack incorporates all of the advantages of the Screw Actuator with our soft tie system. Together these systems make loading safer, faster and easier for improved customer satisfaction.

  1. Top rear deck lowers completely allowing the driverto stay on the ground while securing vehicles
  2. Soft tie system and elimination of all pinning allowsdriver to tie down out of traffic on the curb side of the truck
  3. Every chassis is leveled to ensure perfect fit,improved tire wear and proper appearance
  4. Improved hydraulic system eliminates overhalf the hose for easier maintenance
  5. Infinite deck control for improved load factor
  6. Soft tie system incorporated into the deck makes wheelstrapping easier than ever while allowing frame tie as well